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So in that last informal poll I conducted, a number of you guys reading this said I should double post art here as well as on Deviantart. I haven't really used this lj for posting art, so please bear with me while I figure things out.

This is all fanart stuff I posted from February up to now. In fact, the first two were both posted around Valentine's Day.

That scene from Sapphire and Steel Assignment 2. I was trying to go for a very flat, cutout-like style. Didn't really pan out that way; still, I think it came out rather interesting.

I always find it cute when fanartists draw Mytho's hair a bit fluffier/less spiky than on the show, so I attempted that here. There's definitely something weird going on with his hands and I'm still no good at shading on faces, especially in marker. Also the Raven's feet aren't really in proportion; he should be a LOT bigger. Oh well, it was done a bit rushed and got the joke across.

And now for some reason I'm imagining Mytho a la Walter Landau as Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood. "You need to be double-jointed. And Hungarian."

Something I drew a while back. This scene in Passion is both incredible and incredibly awkward.
Tags: art, passion, princess tutu, sapphire and steel

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