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13:18 Interesting article on the awesome "Race to the Ends of the Earth" Antarctic explorer exhibit we saw in NY: #

13:22 Article seems a bit down on Amundsen/enamoured w/Scott. "Sure he lost the race & got himself & his men killed, but he did it for SCIENCE!" #

13:24 As one commenter pointed out, Amundsen vs Scott was not the jocks beating the geeks, it was the one who did the homework passing the class. #

13:25 But by far the best comment was "I'm just going to see this exhibit and I may be some time." XD #

13:56 My watch has been stopped for more than two weeks and I've still been wearing it every day. #

13:57 I wear it but I don't bother looking at it because I know it's stopped. I check my phone or computer instead. #

17:57 Your Honor, I swear I'm not to blame for that huge mess of nonsensical idiot commas. I was only following orders. #

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