andrael (kurozukin_a) wrote,

blah blah blah

11:51 Absolutely epic RT @laurbits @dinobonoid The Galactic Empire Takes the Subway #

15:27 Typed "lold maps" instead of "old maps". Now think icanhascheezburger should put up a LOLmaps site. UR DOING IT WRONG #

17:42 I hate everything. Screw you, bunnies and sunrises and chocolate. >:( #

17:47 My icon looks kind of angry but it's really supposed to be an expression of shocked befuddlement. #

18:06 When I touch my ear my ear feels warm but my hand feels cold. Is that normal? Aren't earlobes supposed to be the coldest part of the body? #

18:07 Also, are my fingernails supposed to be blue #

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