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So haha, yeah, I was actually doing NaNoWriMo this November. My final word count was a bit disappointing. I didn't even get halfway. I didn't even get to introduce the character I was dying to introduce! Still, it's better than any of my other attempts in recent years, and I'm slightly impressed I actually kept at it to the end instead of just giving up around the 15th and watching Walking Dead or something. I kind of liked where it was going so will probably keep picking at it; though I'm not sure it's the sort of thing anyone other than me would enjoy.

In the meantime, don't tell anyone, but I have in fact been doing some work on chapter 5 of that comic. The following is me trying to nail down the visual style for the chapter. This is not an actual panel from the story; I guess you could call it concept art?

I was hoping to reduce the number of gray shades to be used for this chapter. I like how it looks with the figures just white with black shading. But I know people would miss Red's red, so I tried a version with the red of the cloak and the gray of the coat filled in.

I'm still kind of torn, though I might be leaning more towards the first. I'm also not sure about the swirly plants and rocks. I wanted to make the plants and environment look distinct from my usual generic squggle-forests, but spirals might be too Tim Burton.
Tags: art, my dumb comic, writing

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