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questions are a burden on others

the last novelty pop song on this little planet.

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27 May 1981
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Though born, raised, and currently residing in the Philippines, I seem to be living in a fantasy world. My sorely neglected homepage, with my art and things, is here. In the meantime, I also have a webcomic which I try to work on regularly.

Boring Historical Blather: In days long past, I used to write in a different livejournal, here. Then I fell out of love with it and started writing in a Pitas weblog, here, and just using the old livejournal to friend/comment on other people's livejournals. That worked okay for a few years. Then for various reasons I began slacking off on writing in the weblog for ridiculously long periods of time. Although interesting stuff still happened to me, and I still thought of thoughtful/witty/stupid things to write about, I could never seem to find the motivation to blog. Then one magic day, in a flash of arbitrariness stupidity inspiration, I decided to get a new livejournal! And the world has never been the same.

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